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HSU Graduation Rate Improvement Plan Summary

Improving graduation rates for all students at HSU requires active intervention and support throughout our student’s time of residence. Our improvement plan represent a mixture of measures of identification, proscriptive policies and actions, counseling/advising, and academic support. We are mindful that the goal is not to “fix” our students so that they fit within our academic systems, but rather to review our processes and campus culture and adjust them to meet our student’s needs. These measures, over time, will help students succeed academically, stay at HSU, move expeditiously toward graduation within 4 – 6 years and reach our goal of improving graduations rates by 15% for under-represented students and 12% for the rest of the student population by 2015.


HSU is committed to promoting equal opportunity and academic success for all of its students. One of the themes in HSU’s current WASC reaccreditation effort is to promote academic success for underrepresented minority (URM) students. Using the CSU’s definition of URM students, HSU currently has a 6 year graduation gap of 9%. I.e., Non-URM FTF students at HSU have a 6 year graduation rate which is 9% higher than the 6 year graduation rate for URM students. The goal is to halve this gap for students in the Fall 2009 FTF cohort. This translates into increasing the 6 year graduation rate for Non-URM students by 12% and the rate for URM students by 15%. The gap for transfer students after three years has averaged about 4% so the goal will be to halve that gap for the Fall 2009 cohort.


  1. Designate a Retention Coordinator
  2. Implement Early Intervention procedures for new students
  3. Improve Advising and Student Mentoring
  4. Provide faculty, administrative and staff development opportunities to learn strategies to enhance student success.
  5. Remove or diminish curricular and delivery impediments to graduation.


  1. Designate a specific number of units by which time a student must declare a major.
  2. Restrict the criteria for students to declare second majors or minors.
  3. Require mandatory and enforceable graduation plans for students who have 110 units and devise a system to track students to be sure they are taking required classes.


The Graduation Rate Improvement Group has identified specific individuals responsible for implementation of our actions and policies according to established timelines. Retention and graduation rate data will be reviewed to chart progress and individual initiatives will be evaluated yearly to measure effectiveness.


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