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Graduation Initiative Delivery Plan Summary

Placing students at the center of the educational experience, California State University Channel Islands provides undergraduate and graduate education that facilitates learning within and across disciplines through integrative approaches, emphasizes experiential learning, and graduates students with multicultural and international perspectives.

(The CSU Channel Islands Mission Statement—emphasis added)

CSU Channel Islands (CI) is pleased to participate in the CSU Graduation Initiative. Our new campus has been highly mission focused from its inception, and, in our view, this initiative speaks directly to two key elements of our mission shown in italics above. The initiative is especially timely as it is well aligned with on‐going strategic planning at CI. The campus has already benefited from the CSU Graduation Initiative as it has sharpened our focus on important aspects of this initiative, in particular, student retention leading to graduation, and led us to examine the entire campus to develop a comprehensive delivery plan.

To participate fully in this initiative, CI must address the unique challenge that the short history of the campus has not allowed it to establish a baseline 6‐ year graduation rate. Indeed, CI’s first freshman class enrolled in fall 2003, and, therefore, the campus has had only one 6‐year cohort to date. Additionally, there is reason to believe that the students who selected CI in its earliest years—students who pioneered a new and at the time unaccredited university—may not be representative of the current student body. Over next few years, as CI collects graduation rate data, CI will target improvement in retention rates for first and second year students across all segments of the student body. CI’s first and second‐year retention rate is 78 percent for first‐time frosh and 83 percent for upper division transfer students. The campus has established a goal of 90 percent retention within the next six years.

To achieve this goal, CI has assembled a delivery team with participation from all University divisions, and selected the following programs to include in its initial delivery plan:

  • Enhancing Academic Advising—Enhancements in advising will occur in three areas: (1) new student advising, (2) advising of ongoing students, and (3) degree progress/degree audit reports
  • Planning and Implementing Summer and Special Sessions—A first summer session will be offered in summer 2010
  • Planning and Implementing a 1st and 2nd Year Experience program
  • Becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution—H.S.I. designation will allow CI to seek external funding to develop new programs to enhance retention (and ultimately improve graduation rates) among Hispanic students.

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