CSU Sacramento

Graduation Initiative Delivery Plan Summary

Delivery Team Leaders: Lori Varlotta, VP, Student Affairs, and Joseph Sheley, Provost

Current Context

  • 6-year graduation rate is 43% for First-Time Freshmen (FTF); 4-year rate for transfers is 63%.
  • URM (underrepresented minority) FTF graduation rate is 11% lower than that of ~URM FTF.
  • URM transfer graduation rate is 6% lower than that of ~URM transfers.

Overall Graduation, Achievement Gap, and Measurement Goals:

  • By 2015, achieve a 6-year graduation rate of 51% for FTF; a 4-year graduation rate of 68% for transfers.
  • By 2015, reduce current graduation rate gap between URM and ~URM counterparts by 50%.
  • Refine metrics to monitor progress in implementing strategies to improve graduation rates and achievement gap reduction.

Strategic Foci for Increasing the Graduation Rates:

  • Strengthen Support Services.  Broaden the FTF mandatory orientation and advising efforts to include transfers and second-year students; improve financial aid outreach and delivery; expedite services critical to getting students into the classes they need to graduate; create early-warning and/or progress-notice communications, improve tutorials and peer education efforts.
  • Simplify Curriculum and Learning Policies and Practices.  Reduce and simplify GE, graduation, and remediation requirements; streamline major curricular requirements and increase general elective capacity; permit minors and 2nd majors within 120 units only.
  • Involve Faculty Directly in the Effort.  Increase and coordinate advising capacity within the major; mandate earlier declaration of major; develop "early alert" techniques; bring student services to the classroom; improve online advising capacity; establish college advising centers.
  • Incentivize Colleges, Departments, and Students.  Emphasize both seats filled and student success in funding structures; develop for-credit "experiential leadership" curricula; reward four-year graduation; stagger unit caps for graduation seniors and other student students who excel.

Strategic Foci for Halving the Graduation Gap:

  • Increase required, intrusive advising for all years of enrollment at Sacramento State.
  • Establish yearly RE-orientation programs.
  • Require participation in Educational Equity Program offerings.
  • Pair URM students with faculty/staff mentors and develop peer mentoring for highly at-risk students.



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