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Outreach Dir Javier Hernandez, UGS Dean Cynthia Z Rawitch, VPSA Terry Piper, EOP Dir Jose Luis Vargas, A and R Dir Eric G Forbes, VPAA  Harry Hellenbrand, Asc. VPSA William Watkins, Gr St Dean Mack Johnson, Asc. Dir UGS Maureen Rubin, IR Dir Bettina Huber, Asc. VPSAA MaryAnn Cummins-Prager


Increase general 6 yr rate from 39% to 48%, close minority gap of 8%, and increase transfer graduation rate from 52% to 54% by 2015.


CSUN has a high Pell grant rate, low SATM25, high BlHiAi diversity, with high transfer out. All are signs of a college-going population that is not well prepared for college and has attendance and persistence punctuated by work and family responsibilities that require transfer and/or postponement. Remediation rates top 55%.


Include an early warning system from instructors to advisors in freshmen and high DUF sophomore and junior level classes, several versions of first-year experience and summer bridge, self-paced and reduced seat time options in pre-baccalaureate Math and English, special advising interventions in math-intensive colleges, fusion of advising and supplemental instruction with focus on Black students in dorms, follow-up with students in good standing who do not register, urging graduation for program completers with 120+ credits, orientation classes for transfers. Policy changes include tightening of appeals, limits on repeats and program changes after 90 cr, required intent to register for new students, end of aid after 150 cr.


One year in, CSUN is at least half way toward all goals. Education Trust has cited the campus as a national leader in closing the gaps, as has Hispanic Outlook and AASCU. The University Leadership Council has written up the early warning system as a national best practice in retention.


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