CSU Fullerton

Plan to Improve Graduation Rates

Background context for the graduation initiative

A broad national conversation has brought to the forefront the need to increase America’s six-year graduation rate. The CSU graduated 49% of the class its entering year 2000 freshman class in six years. Upper division transfer students graduated in the same period of time at 70%. CSUF adopted the campus goals established by CSU to improve its overall performance for both groups by six percent, with the added goal of halving the difference in the rates for underrepresented minority (URM) and non-URM students.

Goals (URM and non-URM graduation rates)

The six-year target increase goals to be achieved by the end of summer 2015 are:


  • Overall: 6 percent increase to 55%
  • URM: 8 percent increase to 53%
  • Non-URM: 5 percent increase to 56%

Upper-Division Transfers

  • Overall: 8 percent increase to 81%
  • URM: 9 percent increase to 81%
  • Non-URM: 7 percent increase to 81%

Highlights of proposed actions to improve graduation rates

Initially, the campus will focus on five priorities chosen from 22 overall initiatives. They are:

  • second semester advising and other advising processes;
  • full-time faculty engagement with lower-division students;
  • review of graduation check procedures and computer-based degree audits;
  • connection between career choices and their relation to selection of courses and the major with particular emphasis on undeclared students; and
  • financial barriers to success such as lack of understanding of the importance of filing for financial aid and family counseling on college budgeting.

Brief inclusion of metrics that you will use to measure progress

The campus plan envisions two sets of metrics. First will be the annual improvement in graduation rates as laid out in the trajectories, or about a half-percent increase in each of the coming six years since the campus has made up about half the gap with the most recent graduating class. Second, each action will be assigned a target value for improvement. For example, our recent intervention efforts to assure all first-time freshmen were counseled to assure they were aware of the need to register for spring is associated with a one percentage point increase in fall-to-spring retention.


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