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Raising Overall Achievement and Closing Gaps: Delivering the Access to Excellence Goals


  1. By 2015, raise the 6 year graduation rate:
    1. For first time full time freshmen to 51%;
    2. For under –represented minority (URM) first time full time freshmen to 46%;
    3. For transfer students to 75%;
    4. For under-represented minority transfer students to73%.
  2. Halve the graduation gap between under-represented minorities and others

Action Plan:

Elements of the plan have three types of expected impacts: academic success, navigating and belonging. ‘Academic success’ impacts have a direct bearing on the ability of students to succeed academically. ‘Navigating impacts’ are those which improve the ability of students to “navigate” the system, plan their academic careers, and take advantage of campus resources. ‘Belonging’ impacts focus on connecting with campus organizations, faculty, staff and peers. The extent of the impact is either low, moderate, or high.

Impose a second semester advising milestone Navigating- High
Design / teach a mandatory academic success course Academic Success- High
Design and implement a first year experience program Academic Success, Navigating, Belonging-High
Develop a plan targeting transfer students Academic Success, Navigating, Belonging-High
Improve student writing and critical thinking Academic Success-Moderate
Expand Support Net early warning system Academic Success-Moderate
Invigorate Mentoring Institute Academic Success, Belonging, Navigating-Moderate
Implement Degree Completion Planner Navigating-Low to High
Impose pre-graduation advising milestone Navigating-Low
Require graduation plan for all students with > 120 units Navigating-Low
Graduate ‘super seniors’ Navigating-Low
Identify key high failure rate courses and incentivize redesign Academic Success-Low to Moderate
Launch orientation leader social networking and cohort formation Navigating, Belonging-Low
Focus on year 2 to year 3 transition Belonging-Low
Fund Undergraduate Research Program Academic Success, Belonging-Low
Build on EOP, CAMP, Athletics APR successes and extend to larger populations Academic Success, Navigating, Belonging-Low
Plan and deliver a career exploration conference. Navigating-Low
Explore the role financial problems play in student success and possible interventions Navigating-Low
Develop programs for subsequent years Academic Success, Navigating, Belonging-Low

Contact: William Covino, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.


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