California Maritime Academy

Delivery Plan for Improving Graduation Rates

Background Context

Cal Maritime supports the CSU initiative to improve graduation rates. In this effort, we will maintain the highest level of academic standards in all our programs and the highest level of conduct in our Corps of Cadets. Consequently, we will propose and implement policies to improve graduation rates that are consistent with maintaining the highest level of educational and professional excellence without lowering standards or sacrificing quality.

Goals (URM and non-URM graduation rates)

The goals of the Delivery Plan are to increase CMA freshman graduation rate 6% from 53.5% to 59.5% by 2015 and to close the achievement gap for underrepresented students by half from 13% to 6.5%.

Highlights of Proposed Actions to Improve Graduation Rates Goals will be met by making improvements in the following key targeted areas:

  • Admissions
  • Academics
  • “Early Warning” for At-Risk Students
  • Student advising and mentoring and tutoring
  • Providing greater opportunities for student engagement in campus and off campus non-academic activities
  • Reducing cultural barriers to success
  • Establishing an Early Opportunities Program (EOP)
  • Providing assistance to our student-athletes
  • Corps of Cadets Code of Conduct

Proposed Trajectories and Metrics to Measure Progress

Proposed Trajectories and Metrics to Measure Progress


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